Youth Summer Camp

Join us for our Youth Summer Camp 2023! This year we are taking our students to Realife Summer Camp in Vero Beach.

This year our youth will be headed to Realife Summer Camp in Vero Beach for for an amazing time together in unity. Last year our youth had a blast at camp and this year is only going to be better. We are expecting for lives to be transformed and for God to do amazing things through the lives of our youth.

What To Expect

At Realife Summer Camp students can expect a week long camp experience, packed with fun activities, powerful messages, amazing worship, intentional discipleship, beautiful scenery and more!

Every single day there will be a morning sessions where we will worship and hear Gods word together, huddle time, free time, and evening sessions.

Activities include Paintball, Kayaking Excursion, Beach Time, The Blob, Zorg Ball, Riverboat Snorkeling, Tube Tag, Pool, Archery, Marksmanship, Fishing, Rockwall, and so much more!



10:45am Meetup (Jupiter Elementary School - Military Trail Entrance)

11:15am Departure

1-3pm Arrival & Check In

3-4:00 pm Welcome & Orientation

4-6:00 pm Free time: Blob, Kayak, Pool/Slide open

6:00-6:30 pm Shower & Clean up

6:30-7:30 pm Dinner

8-9:30 pm Evening Assembly

9:30-10:30 pm Bonfire, S'mores & free time

10:30-11pm Head back to rooms

11pm Lights out


7:30-8am Counselor Meeting

8-9am Breakfast

9-10:00 am Morning Assembly

10-10:30 am Huddle Group

10:30am-1pm Morning Activities: Paintball, Kayaking,

Painting, Beach, Archery/Marksmanship, Guitar,

Cupcakes, Beauty Secrets, Crafts, Pool, Fishing,


1-2:00pm Lunch

2- 5:30 pm Free time: Boating, Blob, Kayak, Pool / Slide

Zorb Ball, Mudpit

5:30-6:30 pm Shower & Clean up

6:30-7:30 pm Dinner

8-9:30 pm Evening Assembly

9:30-10:30pm Bonfire, S'mores & free time

10:30-11pm Head back to rooms

11pm Lights out


7:30-8am Counselor Meeting

8-9am Breakfast

9-9:30am Morning Assembly and Huddle Time

9:30-10am Baptism Service

10-11:00 am Clean rooms, pack up

11-12pm Award Ceremony

12-1pm Lunch

12:30pm Departure

1:30pm Arrival/Pick Up (Jupiter Elementary - Loxahatchee Entrance)

Retreat Rules

  1. Students must attend all scheduled activities and assemblies. Students are not allowed to loiter in unsupervised areas of the camp without adult supervision.
  2. Cabins are always to remain locked. Campers are not allowed in cabins without an adult supervision.
  3. Students must always stay on Camp Anderson property. No foot traffic (biking, jogging, etc.) off camp property.Students cannot leave the camp without approval from your group leader.
  4. No guys in girl cabins and no girls in guy cabins. No public displays of affection by couples.
  5. No pets allowed on camp property.
  6. No Alcohol allowed on property.
  7. All students must display a respectful attitude towards all staff, adults, and students. Any student that disrupts the camp experience for others will be sent home.
  8. General Curfew for the Retreat Property is 11am unless specific adjustments have been pre-approved.
  9. Music levels must be reduced in volume at 10pm to avoid disturbing the peace.
  10. All Water activities including pool, tubing and blob must be scheduled in advance and have lifeguards on duty.
  11. No night swimming allowed in pool or river.
  12. All activities in the river, including swimming, tubing and blob require a properly fitted life vest provided by Camp Anderson.
  13. Retreat participants are not allowed to drive golf carts unless they have been specifically rented.

Things to Bring to Camp

  1. Sleeping bag and pillow or bed linens for a twin mattress.
  2. Old camp clothes – include long pants in addition to shorts.
  3. Old tennis shoes and flip flops/sandals – bring an additional pair of shoes in case one pair gets wet
  4. Bible, notebook, and pen
  5. Bug spray
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Towel and basic bathroom toiletries (Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Hair Products)
  8. Pocket flashlight
  9. Modest swimwear – Girls: one piece, tankini or big tee shirt over bathing suit.
  10. Canteen spending money (Suggest $20 max for weekend event and $50 max. for week long event)

Things Not To Bring To Camp

  1. Please avoid bringing computers, electronic games, etc.. unless absolutely necessary. Cell phones are OK to bring however, upon arrival at camp they will be given to the leaders for safe keeping and for our students to "disconnect". They will be given to the students at the end of the day to chat with parents if necessary.
  2. Magazines, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vape pens, fireworks, matches, lighters, knives, guns or weapons.
  3. Obscene materials or inappropriate t-shirt graphics.
  4. Paintball equipment and supplies (this will be provided by the camp).
  5. Please do not bring anything valuable as items can be damaged, stolen or misplaced. All personal belongings are the complete responsibility of the camper for loss or damage.
  6. Small lockers are provided in the cabin and you will need to bring a small padlock to secure your items. If you do not have a padlock, you can purchase one at the canteen for $5 and if you return the lock along with the keys, you will be refunded your money.

Food and Dietary Concerns

  1. Camp Anderson does not include special prepared meals unless special arrangements have been made. Special prepared meals may include additional costs.
  2. Camp Anderson does not guarantee the content of our meals to be free from gluten, nut oils, salt, dairy, shellfish, artificial dies or any other substances that are common ingredients that may be harmful to you.
  3. Below you will find a general menu for your event. It is the camper’s and parent’s responsibility to review the food items and to satisfy themselves that the foods meet your allergy or diet requirements.
  4. If you are concerned that any of the items above do not fit your dietary requirements, then it will be your responsibility to bring food substitutes to camp with you that meet your needs. The Camp Anderson kitchen is off limits to all visitors andour kitchen staff will not be available to prepare your food substitutes. We will however provide a refrigerator, a freezer and a microwave for your use in the snack bar area if you choose to bring food substitutes.


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More information

More information will be posted on this page and announced on our social platforms soon.

July 10, 2023
10:45 am
Realife Summer Camp
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